Every pair of Supershoes is funded by donations from kind sponsors, who come in all shapes and sizes…..

From parents of previous recipients who want to ‘pay forward’ the gift of Supershoes, to fundarisers who have organised an event of some description in order to make a donation. We receive one-off payments from some and regular sponsorship from others. Some want to remain anonymous, whilst others are happy to share their donation and/or story.

Here are some of those we are able to share with you.

 Sponsor - Ian Griffiths

Ian Griffiths

After seeing Supershoes on Look East. Ian donated and said “Fantastic idea keep up the good work. You are all so special people” . Thank you Ian.

Super Sponsor - ICAP

Super Sponsor ICAP

TP ICAP is a global firm of professional intermediaries that plays a pivotal role in the world’s financial, energy and commodities markets. Since 1993, on one special day every year, they host an ICAP Charity Day, where the ICAP business gives its day’s revenue and the ICAP brokers donate their day’s commissions to some amazing charitable causes, globally. Thanks to the efforts of their customers, colleagues and suppliers, a fantastic £4.6million/US$6million was raised in 2019, bringing the total amount raised over 27 years to approximately £150million! Supershoes was a beneficiary of ICAP Charity Day in 2019 and a donation from the day has so far gone towards funding 80 pairs of Supershoes and the creation of two colouring books for oncology units. In 2022, ICAP was also kind enough to donate once again to Supershoes from their charity day.

 Sponsor - Illusion Magazine

Illusion Magazine

The international publication for face and body painters funded a pair of Supershoes.

 Sponsor - In Memory of John Hollands

In Memory of John Hollands

An incredible donation received from the funeral service congregation of John Hollands, father to Super Artist, Elanor. John was always so proud of the Supershoes that Elanor painted - & being a retired headteacher, always had children’s welfare & happiness at the forefront of his mind. A beautiful legacy.

 Sponsor - In Memory of Ollie Gardiner

In Memory of Ollie Gardiner

An incredible donation from Ollie’s parents in memory of such a brave boy who sadly lost his battle with Cancer in November 2017. The money fundraised for Ollie’s treatment has been distributed to Brain Tumour research, Aston Clinton Scout Hut, Ollie’s cricket club, as well as Supershoes - the perfect legacy for a boy who will never be forgotten for his bravery & courage.

 Sponsor - Inner Wheel Club Wolverton

Inner Wheel Club Wolverton

Members of the Inner wheel donated to Supershoes instead of sending Christmas Cards and had a fundraising lunch!

 Sponsor - Inspired by Super Maisie

Inspired by Super Maisie

Super Maisie received her Supershoes in June 2018. They were created by Super artist Steph to reflect her love of rainbows, bright colours and playing in the sunshine; Maisie also loved looking at the stars and flying rockets to the moon; and Peppa Pig and Hey Duggee! Maisie’s family told us. ‘Maisie’s face lit up when she saw them, she showed them to everyone and she chose to wear those Supershoes at every opportunity she could. She may not be here to wear them any longer, but we will always treasure them.’ Maisie’s inspirational family and friends are busy raising funds to bring more smiles to Super brave children. A collection was held at the CIWM Gala Dinner event, raising more than £2000. A family friend, Jennifer Hill, ran the Carsington Half Marathon and raised enough money for 10 pairs of Supershoes. Another friend, Harvey Sugden, ran the Edinburgh marathon, raising more than £800. Maisie’s Mummy, Julie, and her friends - competing as the ‘Maisie Rainbow Runners’ took on the MK Colour Rush, raising enough for at least 25 more pairs of Supershoes, maybe even 30! Maisie’s family promise there are more events planned, and more Supershoes to be created, inspired by Maisie.

 Sponsor - Irene Findlay

Irene Findlay

Part of son’s 40th Birthday Project cycling or walking 40/17 miles and donating to Supershoes!