Super Sponsors

Super Sponsors are businesses and organisations who choose to work with us in a number of ways in support of our mission.

Supershoes boosts the wellbeing of children& young people enduring treatment for cancer. We currently reach 1 in 5 of all children in the UK with a cancer diagnosis. With your help we can receive and produce even more Supershoes requests.

Supershoes is a unique volunteer-led charity, so you can be sure that the funds you contribute are for one purpose: to provide the unique gift of a customised pair of Supershoes, to a child with cancer. We know that a pair of Supershoes enhances wellbeing, encourages vital mobility and helps them reconnect with their identity, that they are more than just their diagnosis.

Work With Us

As a charity funded 100% by donations we rely on our Super Sponsors. Without them we couldn’t operate, and we are very grateful for their ongoing support. We are committed to sharing with our supporters the outcome of their donation enabling them to clearly demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsibility. Each business supporter has its own webpage, with a unique shareable URL, showing all the specific shoes they have sponsored.

We’d love to hear from you and explore how we can support your CSR objectives whilst helping children and young people with cancer.

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Our Super Sponsors

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