Every pair of Supershoes is funded by donations from kind sponsors, who come in all shapes and sizes…..

From parents of previous recipients who want to ‘pay forward’ the gift of Supershoes, to fundarisers who have organised an event of some description in order to make a donation. We receive one-off payments from some and regular sponsorship from others. Some want to remain anonymous, whilst others are happy to share their donation and/or story.

Here are some of those we are able to share with you.

 Sponsor - A charity night in memory of Mike

A charity night in memory of Mike "Twurpy" Turp

Mike’s family and friends describe him as an incredibly generous and charitable man, always organising events to raise money for good causes. When Mike passed away in 2017, Team Twurpy was set up to carry on his legacy of good work. Although the pandemic meant that 2020’s event was not possible, Team Twurpy was not to be deterred, and set up a virtual race night for 2021, raising over £1700 for Supershoes. Thank you, to everyone who participated, for making this such a special event. Thanks to you, the numbers of children and young people who will now benefit from the gift of Supershoes just keep on growing, as you can see from the gallery pictures; you’ve all made a real difference! Mike’s wonderful spirit lives on in the work you’re doing!

 Sponsor - A M Healing

A M Healing

A.M Healing ran by Alison - a Qualified Holistic Medium/Spiritual Healer and a Self taught Angel card reader - offered readings in person/via skype and by email in return for a donation to Supershoes.

 Sponsor - Abbie and Chloe

Abbie and Chloe

Abbie & Chloe raised a phenomenal amount of funds - £1000 - by making and selling bracelets in their family’s shop. The sisters wanted other children to receive the gift of Supershoes after Chloe herself received a pair.

 Sponsor - Abbots Care

Abbots Care

Abbots Care - A family business set up to train and supply Care Workers in the Herts area - went out into their local community armed with collection buckets and raised funds for Supershoes.



This staff team donated funds instead of sending Christmas cards this year, enough for another amazing pair of Supershoes!

 Sponsor - Adrienne in memory of Emelia

Adrienne in memory of Emelia

Angel Emelia’s mum, Adrienne, wanted to donate in memory of her daughter, who sadly lost her battle with cancer in September 2021. Emelia’s own Supershoes featured a design of flowers and fantastic beasts which she’d specifically requested. Our heartfelt thanks go out to you, Adrienne, for creating smiles for another young person, in memory of your gorgeous daughter.

 Sponsor - Advance Theatre Company

Advance Theatre Company

Awesome ongoing support from Leighton Buzzards Childrens Theatre Group (Advanced) This super talented group regulary hold sell out performances in aid of Supershoes. A show on 12th October 2015 raised an amazing £450 for Supershoes but the total is over £1500 (so far!!)

 Sponsor - Air Quality Consultants

Air Quality Consultants

In December, Super Artist Claire encouraged the staff at Air Quality Consultants to make a donation instead of Christmas Cards, which created beautiful super smiles. The total raised was £300.

 Sponsor - Airbourne Fit

Airbourne Fit

A super fit team of 21 people led by Luke Reed took part in a 12k obstacle challenge that is Whole Hog http://www.wholehograces.co.uk - a fundraising event in October 2015 that raised over £200 for Supershoes.

 Sponsor - Aldi


Aldi has recently opened a branch very close to Supershoes HQ and we were delighted when they agreed to put up a team to take on our Ben Nevis Challenge, where teams competed to scale a climbing wall to the height of Ben Nevis. Aldi are committed to help local charities, and we were delighted they chose Supershoes. Apparently their competitiveness stems from the store, where it’s actively encouraged, so when they heard about our challenge, they just couldn’t turn it down! Well done, Team Aldi! Thank you on behalf of the Super brave kids who will receive Supershoes thanks to your efforts!

 Sponsor - Alison Bessant

Alison Bessant

As well as dedicating her time to Supershoes as one of our Super Artists, Alison also selflessly raised an awesome £340 for us by running the 10k at Silverstone!! Having never run before, we are all very proud of her for completing the race in 1 hour 29 minutes & 15 seconds, beating her personal target of 1 hour 30 … Well done Alison!!!

 Sponsor - Alison George

Alison George

This lady is the wife of one of our Super Artist’s, Mark - & she bravely put on her running shoes for Supershoes and took part in the Disney Wine & Dine half marathon on the 4th November 2018.

 Sponsor - Alison Hemsworth

Alison Hemsworth

A Super donation from Alison!

 Sponsor - Amanda Sissons Renaissance Tattoo

Amanda Sissons Renaissance Tattoo

As well as dedicating her time to us as one of our Super Artists, professional tattooist Amanda gave up her studio time to give tattoos to help raise cancer awareness - & has also raised an incredible amount of money via Facebook fundraisers in lieu of Christmas cards & for her birthday …

Super Sponsor - Amasci Creative Limited

Super Sponsor Amasci Creative Limited

Amasci Creative are an award winning web design agency in Milton Keynes. We work with businesses in the local area and beyond to create fully bespoke, responsive websites, help you get closer to your customers through email marketing and allow more people to discover you online. Amasci Creative Limited built the initial Supershoes website that was awarded the Gold award at the MK Digital awards in 2016. Amasci have continued to support Supershoes by gifting them several on-going website services including annual hosting and on-going support and discount rates for major website enhancements.

 Sponsor - Amazon UK

Amazon UK

A phenomenal £2000 was raised by the Amazon crew in Milton Keynes who linked up with colleagues all over the world to host a gold-themed pyjama party, inspired by brave children with cancer who can spend long periods of time living in their pyjama’s.

 Sponsor - Amelia-Mae Foundation

Amelia-Mae Foundation

A wonderful charity set up in memory of two year old Amelia-Mae who was struck with the devastating diagnosis of Neuroblastoma stage 4 in September 2012. Despite her amazing fighting, will and courage, Amelia-Mae unfortunately passed away in July 2013. The charity strives to support families during the strenuous battle which neuroblastoma causes. This includes referring children to us and funding Supershoes for these super brave children.

 Sponsor - Amy Frost

Amy Frost

As well as dedicating her time to Supershoes as one of our Super Artists, Amy also selflessly raised a lovely sum of money for us via a Facebook birthday fundraiser.

 Sponsor - Andrew Beane

Andrew Beane

Amazing running at the London Marathon 2017 for Supershoes! Thank you!

 Sponsor - Andrew Woodgate

Andrew Woodgate

Sometimes, sponsors come to us “just because”. Andrew has a friend, Steff, who’s one of our Super Artists, and decided to make smiles himself when he heard about what we do. Andrew says, “I think it’s just the most perfect charity. If you think you’ve had a hard day, walk in their shoes.” A big thank you, Andrew!

 Sponsor - Ange Thraves

Ange Thraves

This kind donation will support Supershoes in their quest to help more children with cancer.

 Sponsor - Ann Gray

Ann Gray

Ann has made various super donations to us now selling her art work & painted stones far and wide. A donation was raised by purchases made by elderly ladies at the Toning Centre and Porth Erias colwyn bay has kindly given space in there Foyer to have a continuous stand which Ann updates monthly “stepping stones” - over £600 has been raised by Ann so far …

 Sponsor - Anonymous


Sometimes we receive funds from those who wish to keep their donation details private. We are more than happy to respect this. Here are some of the Supershoes these kind donations have funded…..

 Sponsor - Art therapy inspired Maris to become a sponsor

Art therapy inspired Maris to become a sponsor

Maris’ beautiful little boy, Frank gained his angel wings just over a year ago. Frank’s diagnosis of T-cell ALL came just as the family were about to celebrate his second birthday. As Maris and her family now come to terms with a different kind of life, she is finding comfort in painting. On the first anniversary of Frank’s passing, Maris decided to dedicate a painting to auction in memory of Frank, and to raise money for Supershoes. Thank you, Maris, so much for thinking of us at this most difficult time, and for using your talent for the benefit of other children. We know their smiles will be a reminder of Frank’s own beautiful smile.

 Sponsor - Athena Network Group MK

Athena Network Group MK

Sarah was invited along to the friendly Athena network Group in Milton Keynes. Athena are regular supporters of Supershoes. The ladies had a collection after Sarah our Founder had told everyone about Supershoes and it’s awesome work.

 Sponsor - Autograss


An awesome summer event was held by Autograss, Supershoes were able to have a stand raising funds by donations, a raffle, a Teddy Tombola and a Supershoes Artist Face Painting. A wonderful weekend with big thanks to Autograss!

 Sponsor - Aylesbury High School

Aylesbury High School

A year 11 class chose Supershoes to be their 2015/2016 charity of the year. They carried out a variety of fundraising activities both in & out of school throughout the school year to emable us to fund Supershoes. Thank you girls!

 Sponsor - Aztech IT

Aztech IT

Aztech IT Solutions provides the IT support and consultancy services that enable organisations to operate more efficiently, safe in the knowledge that their IT systems are optimised and proactively managed. A regular supporter of Supershoes who helps out with IT too!