Every pair of Supershoes is funded by donations from kind sponsors, who come in all shapes and sizes…..

From parents of previous recipients who want to ‘pay forward’ the gift of Supershoes, to fundarisers who have organised an event of some description in order to make a donation. We receive one-off payments from some and regular sponsorship from others. Some want to remain anonymous, whilst others are happy to share their donation and/or story.

Here are some of those we are able to share with you.

 Sponsor - F.A.C.E Jam 2019

F.A.C.E Jam 2019

Donations received from a fundraising event held in Ireland.

 Sponsor - Facade Academy

Facade Academy

 Sponsor - FACE - the International Face Painting Association

FACE - the International Face Painting Association

The International Face Painting Association has several members who are Super Artists for Supershoes. At a recent conference, one of our longest-standing Super Artists, Glyn, gave a talk about Supershoes, and the resulting donations and raffle held will fund Supershoes for Super Brave kids! Thank you to everyone! FACE ( The International Face Painting Association) was formed in 1994, by a small group of painters who wanted to raise awareness to the public ( and other painters) that they could choose painters for their events who have knowledge and awareness of the best products and methods to paint faces safely and quickly but with skill that would delight children and adults alike. For more information and to find reputable, registered face painters, click here.

 Sponsor - FACE - The International Facepainters Association

FACE - The International Facepainters Association

Fund collected by the International Face Painters Association at their Annual Conference.

 Sponsor - Fernwood Primary and Nursery School

Fernwood Primary and Nursery School

This amazing school held an Enterprise week! Each class designed and created a product to sell at a profit for their end of week school market! Hope everyone enjoyes their creating and their bargains!

 Sponsor - Finlay Boyd

Finlay Boyd

Finlay volunteered to have a sponsored hair cut for Supershoes! Looking good and some awesome fundraising Fin!

 Sponsor - Fiona Storey - The Two Storey

Fiona Storey - The Two Storey

A super donation made in lieu of Christmas cards …

 Sponsor - First Timers Pre School Nursery

First Timers Pre School Nursery

This nursery had an amazing little boy who attended & who was sadly diagnosed with Kidney Cancer - but who thankfully won his fight against Cancer! As a result of the support the family received from Supershoes, they ran a summer fayre last year & all of the parents helped raise money for us …

 Sponsor - Firstsource Solutions UK Ltd.

Firstsource Solutions UK Ltd.

This amazing global company have been fundraising for Supershoes all across the country! Some of the fun activities are listed here: Bingo Day in Danesfort, Funky Shoe Fridays in Banbury and Southampton, Name the Rabbit and Cake sales in Banbury and Cardiff and Easter and Summer activities . Some amazing football challenges also like Keepy Uppy Challenges and wearing football shirts for £1 day in Cardiff, a ‘Soak a CEL’ wet sponge throwing competition & senior managers participated in a Christmas Ice Bucket Challenge. A big thank you to all who participated especially those of you who took part in the Mount Errigal Peak Challenge and Half Marathons!

 Sponsor - Forths Forensic Accountants

Forths Forensic Accountants

Mark at Forths Forensic Accountants had a Christmas Jumper / Fuddle Day! Sounds a fun way of helping Supershoes!

 Sponsor - Fredominati 2018

Fredominati 2018

This donation was fundraised by the self named ‘Fredominati Cycle Club’ 2018 … which consists of a group of friends with a shared passion of cycling (Gareth, Dan, Simon, Paul, Will & one of our trustees, Lucas) - & each of them donated £50 for the London to Brighton Supershoes Team last year instead of traditional fundraising! What better way than to combine ‘lads weekends away’ & keeping fit & healthy with most importantly, raising incredible amounts of money for Supershoes!

 Sponsor - Freya


Rachael knows only too well how a parent feels when their child has been diagnosed with cancer, and is going through treatment. Her daughter Freya just loved the whole process of choosing images for her Supershoes, and receiving them to brighten her day. Rachael and her family said that they wanted to give something back to help other children like Freya. Thanks to you, Rachael and Freya, there will be more smiles this year!

 Sponsor - Freya Perkins

Freya Perkins

Freya started by saving up her pocket money to pay for a pair of Supershoes. After reaching her target of £50 she - along with grown up helpers Rachel (Mum) & Ange (Mum’s Friend) decided to hold a bake sale to raise more funds. The bake sale was a roaring success and Freya raised enough to fund another 11 pairs of Supershoes!

 Sponsor - Friends of Rushden & Higham mini & Junior Rugby'

Friends of Rushden & Higham mini & Junior Rugby'

A Funky Feet Ball was held by members of the rugby club & raised a staggering £3067!! The club organised a ‘funky shoes’ competition which was judged by Sarah - & on the day of the ball the rugby club first team held a ‘bucket shake’.

Super Sponsor - Frosts Garden Centre

Super Sponsor Frosts Garden Centre

Frosts is a family owned group of four award-winning centres offering a superb shopping destination, inspirational plant nurseries, great events calendar and beautiful restaurants. Frosts are one of Supershoes earliest business sponsor who continue to this day to be a huge supporter. From collection pots on till points, to bucket rattling opportunities on busy weekends. Frosts also kindly funded the Silver Medal Winning, Artisan garden at RHS Chelsea in 2018, aptly named ‘Laced with Hope’. the garden was designed to reflect the charity’s mission and helped Supershoes to achieve support and recognition of it’s work throughout the UK. Frosts are incredibly generous in their support.

Super Sponsor - Frosts Landscapes Construction

Super Sponsor Frosts Landscapes Construction

With an enviable portfolio of award-winning landscape projects, including Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Frosts Landscape Construction are proud Super Sponsors of Supershoes. Frosts Managing Director, Ken White is Co-Founder and Trustee of Supershoes and through his charity commitments, holds the company’s CSR responsibilities at the forefront of the business. As one of the charity’s most dedicated supporters, Frosts help with donations to fund shoes, provide financial support for training and health & safety risk assessments. In 2018 Frosts constructed the charity’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show garden “Laced with Hope”, which raised national awareness for the charity. Frosts continue their awareness-raising support today by carrying the Supershoes logo on their vehicles.

 Sponsor - Furneux Pelham C of E School

Furneux Pelham C of E School

This Super school held a charity week where the children took part in a variety of fundraising activities, amazing!

 Sponsor - Fuse


FUSE is a toy design company run by Trustee and Creative Director Lucas Tyler. A fundraising open day at the FUSE toy factory was an awesome way to FUNdraise over £300! Thank you for you 6 monthly fundraising too!