Every pair of Supershoes is funded by donations from kind sponsors, who come in all shapes and sizes…..

From parents of previous recipients who want to ‘pay forward’ the gift of Supershoes, to fundarisers who have organised an event of some description in order to make a donation. We receive one-off payments from some and regular sponsorship from others. Some want to remain anonymous, whilst others are happy to share their donation and/or story.

Here are some of those we are able to share with you.

Super Artist -

FACE - The International Facepainters Association

Fund collected by the International Face Painters Association at their Annual Conference.

Super Artist

Fernwood Primary and Nursery School

This amazing school held an Enterprise week! Each class designed and created a product to sell at a profit for their end of week school market! Hope everyone enjoyes their creating and their bargains!

Super Artist -

Finlay Boyd

Finlay volunteered to have a sponsored hair cut for Supershoes! Looking good and some awesome fundraising Fin!

Super Artist -

Firstsource Solutions UK Ltd.

This amazing global company have been fundraising for Supershoes all across the country! Some of the fun activities are listed here: Bingo Day in Danesfort, Funky Shoe Fridays in Banbury and Southampton, Name the Rabbit and Cake sales in Banbury and Cardiff and Easter and Summer activities . Some amazing football challenges also like Keepy Uppy Challenges and wearing football shirts for £1 day in Cardiff. A big thank you to all who participated especially the if you took part in the Mount Errigal Peak Challenge and Half Marathons!

Super Artist

Forths Forensic Accountants

Mark at Forths Forensic Accountants had a Christmas Jumper / Fuddle Day! Sounds a fun way of helping Supershoes!

Super Artist -

Freya Perkins

Freya started by saving up her pocket money to pay for a pair of Supershoes. After reaching her target of £50 she - along with grown up helpers Rachel (Mum) & Ange (Mum’s Friend) decided to hold a bake sale to raise more funds. The bake sale was a roaring success and Freya raised enough to fund another 11 pairs of Supershoes!

Super Artist -

Frosts Garden Centre

Our earliest corporate sponsor who continues to be a huge supporter of ours. From collection points on till points, to bucket rattling on busy weekends. They’ve held Super Events to raise further funds for Supershoes and we are super grateful for their continued, loyal support. Frosts are proud to be working with us both creating and sponsoring our new Silver Medal Winning, Artisan garden at RHS Chelsea this year, aptly named ‘Laced with Hope’. The team at Frosts have really enjoyed building the garden, are delighted to be supporting Supershoes and proud of all the great work we have achieved together since Supershoes launched.

Super Artist

Furneux Pelham C of E School

This Super school held a charity week where the children took part in a variety of fundraising activities, amazing!

Super Artist -


FUSE is a toy design company run by Trustee and Creative Director Lucas Tyler. A fundraising open day at the FUSE toy factory was an awesome way to FUNdraise over £300! Thank you for you 6 monthly fundraising too!