Every pair of Supershoes is funded by donations from kind sponsors, who come in all shapes and sizes…..

From parents of previous recipients who want to ‘pay forward’ the gift of Supershoes, to fundarisers who have organised an event of some description in order to make a donation. We receive one-off payments from some and regular sponsorship from others. Some want to remain anonymous, whilst others are happy to share their donation and/or story.

Here are some of those we are able to share with you.

 Sponsor - Kara Roberts

Kara Roberts

A lovely donation from this lady who’s sister organised a fundraiser for her daughter & charities, which included a party & a raffle …

 Sponsor - Karl Chandler

Karl Chandler

Now that Karl is retired he kindly donates the proceeds from his artwork to Supeshoes, Awesome Karl!

 Sponsor - Karl Jones

Karl Jones

A super kind donation simply because he wanted to give a boost to the children & young people enduring cancer and its treatments …

 Sponsor - Kat Walker

Kat Walker

Kat raised an incredible amount of money for us via a Facebook birthday fundraiser … we hope you had a fabulous birthday … & we look forward to the future Fundraising event that you have planned for later on in the year …

 Sponsor - Kate Maltby

Kate Maltby

Kate said that her donation is in lieu of payment for one of our Supershoes artists - Laura Sumpter for doing face painting at a family event “you are a wonderful charity”.

 Sponsor - Kate Minto

Kate Minto

Kate’s son, Super brave Oscar was in treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia when he received his Supershoes. Kate says they made him smile in the midst of a very tough time, so she wanted to do something to help others like Oscar. She did 100 days of activities and has now made more smiles for more Super brave youngsters! Thank you so much, Kate!

 Sponsor - Kathy Boothman

Kathy Boothman

Kathy is amazing! She walked and ran 874 miles for her Lands End to John O’Groats challenge, raising money for Supershoes. More smiles for poorly children and young people! Thank you Kathy; your shoes must have been pretty super to take you all that way!

 Sponsor - Katy Angelidi

Katy Angelidi

Evie gets the chop! Amazing fundraising Katie!

 Sponsor - Kee Safety

Kee Safety

Kee Safety are a leading global supplier of fall protection solutions, safety railing systems, and safe access equipment for working at height. Kee safety employee, Alastair Thompson, undertook the challenge to complete the Singapore Kindness Run in order to raise funds for Supershoes. His fundraising efforts were generously matched by Kee Safety’s charitable giving scheme, with an amazing total therefore raised of over £2000 - which enables us to send 40 pairs of Supershoes to Super Children needing a boost at a difficult stage in their treatment, promoting mobility & well-being, and as a constant reminder to them of who they are, beyond their illness, challenges and treatment.

 Sponsor - Kempston Rural WI

Kempston Rural WI

Kempston Rural WI invited our Super volunteer Anne Bauling along to one of their meetings to inform them all about the work we do at Supershoes, many thanks for the collection ladies!

 Sponsor - Kent Face Painting Jam

Kent Face Painting Jam

An awesome fundraising event held in 2018 & 2019 for Supershoes, attended by FACE and some of our incredible artists. Exciting and creative face painting!

 Sponsor - Kents Hill Care Home

Kents Hill Care Home

The residents at Kents Hill Care Home decided that their Summer Fete would be the perfect occasion to raise funds for Supershoes. They heard about Supershoes thanks to another sponsor, Frosts Landscapes, who carry our logo on their vans. They checked us out on Facebook and, hey presto, another lovely sponsor came on board. We’re so glad you chose us, and thank you for your generous donation!

 Sponsor - Kieran Charnock

Kieran Charnock

A Super kind donation from the parent of a child who was the recipient of her very own Supershoes …

 Sponsor - Kirstie North Wild

Kirstie North Wild

Another generous donation to Supershoes!

 Sponsor - Knitting Hut

Knitting Hut

The Knitting Hut held their annual Wooly Moo event, bringing a community of knitters together for a fun day. Sarah gave a talk about Supershoes and the ladies very kindly made donations.

 Sponsor - Krystle Boyd

Krystle Boyd

Krystle is one of our awesome artists and has supported some amazing fundraising with her son Finlay - who had super hair cut for Supershoes - as well as raising funds from a Facebook birthday fundraiser.

 Sponsor - Kurt McSweeney

Kurt McSweeney

Kurt has raised an incredible £550 for Supershoes by taking part in his latest challenge for this year, the Oxford Half Marathon, in the rain too! This awesome fundraising effort is enough for us to create 11 pairs of shoes - that’s 11 faces to help create a smile!

 Sponsor - Kustom Kulture Show

Kustom Kulture Show

Kustom Kulture Blast Off event in Lincoln, many artists connected to Kustom created beautiful Fridge Magnets, which were then put online and auctioned at their wonderful weekend show. Not only did they recruit lot’s of amazingly talented new Super Artists, but also raised a a wonderful amount of money through various fundraising activities for yet another year! Kustom Culture have now adopted us permanently as their charity! Amazing!!