Super Artist -

Sponsor — Inspired by Super Maisie

Super Maisie received her Supershoes in June 2018. They were created by Super artist Steph to reflect her love of rainbows, bright colours and playing in the sunshine; Maisie also loved looking at the stars and flying rockets to the moon; and Peppa Pig and Hey Duggee! Maisie’s family told us. ‘Maisie’s face lit up when she saw them, she showed them to everyone and she chose to wear those Supershoes at every opportunity she could. She may not be here to wear them any longer, but we will always treasure them.’

Maisie’s inspirational family and friends are busy raising funds to bring more smiles to Super brave children.

A collection was held at the CIWM Gala Dinner event, raising more than £2000. A family friend, Jennifer Hill, ran the Carsington Half Marathon and raised enough money for 10 pairs of Supershoes. Another friend, Harvey Sugden, ran the Edinburgh marathon, raising more than £800. Maisie’s Mummy, Julie, and her friends - competing as the ‘Maisie Rainbow Runners’ took on the MK Colour Rush, raising enough for at least 25 more pairs of Supershoes, maybe even 30!

Maisie’s family promise there are more events planned, and more Supershoes to be created, inspired by Maisie.