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TP ICAP is a global firm of professional intermediaries that plays a pivotal role in the world’s financial, energy and commodities markets. Since 1993, on one special day every year, they host an ICAP Charity Day, where the ICAP business gives its day’s revenue and the ICAP brokers donate their day’s commissions to some amazing charitable causes, globally.

Thanks to the efforts of their customers, colleagues and suppliers, a fantastic £4.6million/US$6million was raised in 2019, bringing the total amount raised over 27 years to approximately £150million!

Supershoes was a beneficiary of ICAP Charity Day in 2019 and a donation from the day has so far gone towards funding 80 pairs of Supershoes and the creation of two colouring books for oncology units. In 2022, ICAP was also kind enough to donate once again to Supershoes from their charity day.

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ICAP’s Super Kids Stories

Super Charlie's Story

Super Charlie’s Story

November 2023

Charlie's rare condition has required a bone marrow transplant and there have been complications. They are now slowly recovering...

Super Ethan's Story

Super Ethan’s Story

May 2023

Treatment for cancer can take a long time. Ethan has been so brave since the start of his chemotherapy...

Super Finnley's Story

Super Finnley’s Story

October 2020

Three years old and at the start of his treatment, Finnley's kind, sweet nature shines through.

Super Olivia's Story

Super Olivia’s Story

October 2020

A little lady whose favourite colour is pink!

Super William's Story

Super William’s Story

July 2020

There is no doubt that Super William is very deserving of his Supershoes! William has endured so much yet has only just turned 4 years old.

Super Morven's Story

Super Morven’s Story

June 2020

Morven is 7 years old and was diagnosed with Orbital Rhabdomyosarcoma January 2020. Her Supershoes include her favourite football team, film and animals.

Super Flo's Story

Super Flo’s Story

June 2020

Flo was diagnosed with leukemia shortly after her 4th birthday and has had 22 months of treatment since. On her Supershoes she wished to have included all of her most favourite things!

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