Every pair of Supershoes is funded by donations from kind sponsors, who come in all shapes and sizes…..

From parents of previous recipients who want to ‘pay forward’ the gift of Supershoes, to fundarisers who have organised an event of some description in order to make a donation. We receive one-off payments from some and regular sponsorship from others. Some want to remain anonymous, whilst others are happy to share their donation and/or story.

Here are some of those we are able to share with you.

 Sponsor - Talia


Talia found out about Supershoes, when her mum, Dee, became a Super Volunteer on the admin team. Talia wanted to raise money for Supershoes to help another child, so she sold some of her Barbie dolls and a car seat she didn’t need anymore. And that donation has made someone smile for sure, Talia!

Super Sponsor - TCS Biosciences

Super Sponsor TCS Biosciences

TCS Biosciences are Buckinghamshire based and have been serving the needs of clinical and industrial scientists for over 50 years. TCS supply quality and innovative products helping their customers to excel in the provision of clinical care, medicines, food and drinking water. They give generously to charities every year and Supershoes were delighted to be nominated by one of their employees for a donation which will fund 20 pairs of shoes for Super Children needing a boost at a difficult stage in their treatment, promoting mobility and well-being and as a constant reminder to them of who they are, beyond their illness, challenges and treatment.

 Sponsor - Team Georgia

Team Georgia

Team Georgia pledged to give Supershoes to one super child every month in 2016 in memory of Super Georgia. A super brave little girl who was so kind to others despite all the challenges she faced. In August 2022, Georgia would have been 16 years old. Her friends and family set themselves a goal to raise enough money that year for a further 16 pairs of Supershoes. And guess what? They totally smashed it! Not 16, but enough for 47 pairs of Supershoes was raised. An incredible total for an equally incredible little girl.

 Sponsor - Team Haribo

Team Haribo

Previous recipient of Supershoes, Super Harrison and his family, were keen to raise money for all the charities and organisations, including Supershoes, who helped them through Harrison’s Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia journey.

 Sponsor - Team Rossi

Team Rossi

5 year old Super Rossi received a pair of Supershoes and his amazing Super Mum set up a charity to help other children fighting cancer. The charity helps them to have fun days out and do nice things. Part of that is funding Supershoes like Rossi’s and these.

 Sponsor - Technology Forge

Technology Forge

Technology Forge have not only helped Supershoes with advice on our computer systems but they made a lovely donation too!

 Sponsor - Teri Walton

Teri Walton

A super kind donation from Teri, who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last year, but is thankfully now in remission - & wanted to give something back for all the support she received during treatment…

 Sponsor - The Claydons Womens Institute

The Claydons Womens Institute

After a presentation by our volunteer Anne Bauling, this warm and friendly WI donated to Supershoes. Their secretary said “Cancer in children effects not only the child but carers, family and those around them and something so simple as a pair of shoes being personalised just for them we saw brings so much pleasure to the child, but also to those close who can see and benefit from the smiles and excitement that can be so far and few during gruelling treatment and illness”.

 Sponsor - The Coach House

The Coach House

The Coach House pub in Rottingdean is a family-run free house in a small village near Brighton and specialises in good beer and homecooked food with sea views! Being situated in a small village means they are very much a part of the local community and so they decided to raise money for Supershoes because of one very special local lad who is close to them all. From charity raffles to horse racing events, their punters have always been very generous and they certainly didn’t disappoint with this fundraising effort, which has provided Supershoes for 20 children and helped to bring a smile to their faces.

 Sponsor - The Corner Gallery

The Corner Gallery

Jackie Khan, owner of The Corner Gallery has kindly donated to Supershoes, and now three more children and young people will benefit from the gift of Supershoes. Thank you, Jackie, for making a difference!

 Sponsor - The Harry Johnson Trust

The Harry Johnson Trust

A charity set up to remember, honour and treasure the memory of Harry which aims to offer help and support to other children, who receive care from the Oncology team at The Princess Royal Hospital in Shropshire, on their own journey with childhood cancer.

 Sponsor - The Landscaping Consultants

The Landscaping Consultants

Jake from The Landscaping Consultants works in the same sphere as one of our Trustees, so that was how he heard about Supershoes. Jake says: “Family and community are very important to us here at The Landscaping Consultants and I believe helping to make children smile and feel special in what is an extremely tough time for them and their families is a truly special thing to be part of, so we are delighted to be able to help make this happen”. Thank you Jake and everyone at The Landscaping Consultants for your generosity and for doing just that!

 Sponsor - The O'Leary family

The O'Leary family

We’re so lucky at Supershoes! We have a wonderful Super Team who give their time and talents to making sure the smiles get where they need to go. And every so often, one of our own feels inspired to make an additional donation. Roseann is our wonderful office manager and she and her family wanted to make a difference to someone - so they did! Thank you all so much.

 Sponsor - The Prince George

The Prince George

The awesome Prince George in Tattenhoe, Milton Keynes have been keen supporters of Supershoes over the years!

 Sponsor - The Redway School

The Redway School

The wonderful children of The Redway School made Valentines Day gifts and sold them in The Prince George, our local pub. Amazing to all who helped!

 Sponsor - The Royal Artillery School

The Royal Artillery School

Sally at The Royal Artillery School organised a raffle and treasure hunt which raised £300. They were delighted to know this will sponsor 6 pairs of Supershoes!

 Sponsor - The White Hart Hotel

The White Hart Hotel

Following an appeal on ‘Buckingham: What matters to you’ Facebook page, Andrew & Tara form White Hart chose Supershoes as their ‘Jar on the Bar’ charity for February 2016. They raised £75 through loose change as well as increasing awareness of Supershoes within the local community.

 Sponsor - Tim Lambert

Tim Lambert

Tim made a donation because he wants to give a boost to children and young people enduring cancer, and its treatments.

 Sponsor - Tom Berry

Tom Berry

Tom wanted to get involved and fund Supershoes! Many thanks.

 Sponsor - Tony Rhodes

Tony Rhodes

Tony knows exactly how the gift of a pair of Supershoes can bring a big smile to a child with cancer. His daughter, Tilly, received a pair of Supershoes during her own cancer journey and they really made a difference. Tony and his family raised funds by selling some items, and Tilly chose Supershoes to be a recipient of some of the funds. Many thanks to you all for helping other children with cancer.

 Sponsor - Tring Rainbows

Tring Rainbows

An awesome cake sale was held by the Rainbows at Tring, after an enjoyable session listening to a talk about Supershoes and designing their own Supershoes with our volunteer Anne. Well done Rainbows!

 Sponsor - Twyford and Charndon Womens Institute

Twyford and Charndon Womens Institute

After a talk given by our volunteer Anne Bauling, this warm and friendly WI donated a fee to Supershoes and will be making Supershoes their charity of the year!!!! Awesome!