Every pair of Supershoes is funded by donations from kind sponsors, who come in all shapes and sizes…..

From parents of previous recipients who want to ‘pay forward’ the gift of Supershoes, to fundarisers who have organised an event of some description in order to make a donation. We receive one-off payments from some and regular sponsorship from others. Some want to remain anonymous, whilst others are happy to share their donation and/or story.

Here are some of those we are able to share with you.

 Sponsor - Babcock International

Babcock International

A super donation was made after an employees daughter received the gift of Supershoes.

 Sponsor - Ballinger Women's Institute

Ballinger Women's Institute

After a talk by Supershoes volunteer Anne Bauling, the ladies of Ballinger WI made a donation. This will bring a smile to many children’s faces when they open their Supershoes!

 Sponsor - Barcapel Foundation Limited

Barcapel Foundation Limited

Barcapel Foundation Limited has been supporting charitable works and endeavours in Scotland and beyond for over 50 years. The Board of Barcapel meets biannually and aims to provide support to organisations dealing with issues around Health, Youth and Heritage. The Board have approved over £30m in grants to these priority areas of interest. Further information regarding the work of Barcapel and historical grants awarded can be found on our website www.barcapelfoundation.org.

 Sponsor - Becky Fielding Baby Sensory

Becky Fielding Baby Sensory

Super Orla’s mum held a special baby sensory party and the proceeds were given to five charities that helped Orla through her journey.

 Sponsor - Becky Jones

Becky Jones

As well as dedicating her time to us as one of our super artists, & having already painted 17 pairs of shoes, Becky also selflessly donated money to us from her Facebook birthday fundraiser …

 Sponsor - Bede Donkin's family and friends

Bede Donkin's family and friends

Saskia Gordon raised an awesome sum, to help brighten the lives of some very poorly children. Thank you, Saskia for your donation!

 Sponsor - Bedenham Primary School

Bedenham Primary School

Amazing fundraising from Bedenham Primary School! The whole school all wore their own shoes for a day, jazzed up a bit, they held a cake sale and also had a PIE IN THE FACE OF THE TEACHER event in the school hall!

 Sponsor - Ben Ullmann

Ben Ullmann

 Sponsor - Beryl Thomas and residents of Castle Meadows

Beryl Thomas and residents of Castle Meadows

Although they had to postpone their plans, due to lockdown, Beryl Thomas and the residents of Castle Meadows in beautiful Cornwall, did not forget their promise to raise funds for Supershoes. As soon as they were able, they held their planned coffee morning, and raised the amazing sum of £600! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make that happen. You’ve brought a whole heap of extra smiles to many more poorly children and young people!

 Sponsor - Bicester Lions Club (Lions Club International)

Bicester Lions Club (Lions Club International)

We heard from Andy Whittard, on behalf of the members of Bicester Lions Club, who were originally attracted to the uniqueness of Supershoes a couple of years ago, and the wonderfully colourful shoes that brighten a young person’s life at a difficult time. They told us they are proud to again support our fantastic charity with funding for seven pairs of shoes. The picture features the well-known Santa’s sleigh, which tours local areas in December, and is the main fundraising activity for Bicester Lions Club. Thank you so much for organising this, and for thinking of us!

 Sponsor - Bletchley Buzz

Bletchley Buzz

This awesome local magazine often mentions Supershoes! Thank you Bletchley Buzz!

 Sponsor - Blum UK

Blum UK

They’re reaching for the skies, quite literally, at Blum! An amazing fundraiser by some intrepid employees has resulted in a wonderful donation, and all the pairs of Supershoes you see below have brought smiles to the faces of poorly young people. So what did Team Blum do? They only went and jumped out of an airplane at 14,000 feet! Fourteen brave (some may say crazy) souls did that for us. We’re so proud of you all, as we know most of you have never done this before. Thanks to Laura and Janet for organising the event and for everyone who took part and donated.

 Sponsor - Bourne End and Wooburn Womens Institute

Bourne End and Wooburn Womens Institute

After a presentation by our volunteer Anne Bauling, this wonderful WI donated to the “wonderful cause” of Supershoes!

 Sponsor - Bow Brickhill Womens Institute

Bow Brickhill Womens Institute

After a talk by Supershoes volunteer Anne Bauling the ladies of the Brickhill group of Women’s Institute made a donation. This will put a smile on many children’s faces when they open their shoes!

 Sponsor - Boxx Communications

Boxx Communications

Boxx Communications is a long-standing supporter of Supershoes and the team knows all about the Supershoes mission. In 2017 Boxx sponsored the London to Brighton cycle shirts, a sponsored cycle in which Director James Green also took part. In 2023, Boxx put together a team for our Ben Nevis Challenge, where teams competed to scale the equivalent height of Ben Nevis at a local climbing centre. They were fiercely competitive, and just as fierce with their fundraising, coming in with an amazing donation, which will fund another 7 pairs of Supershoes! Thanks so much for the muscle power, everyone!

 Sponsor - Brabourne and Smeeth Guides

Brabourne and Smeeth Guides

The Super guides from the Brabourne and Smeeth guides group held a Christmas Craft and Raffle evening before Christmas! Mums, sisters and aunties all donated to try 4 different crafts each, one of which was a reindeer decoration from champagne cork! A social evening which sounded lots of fun!

 Sponsor - Brand Mission

Brand Mission

We are delighted to have the support of Brand Mission, a full-service communications agency specialising in Public Relations and Marketing. Brand Mission has been volunteering time each week since November 2020, offering marketing and PR services to support the development of campaigns and help increase the awareness of Supershoes. As a creative team, Brand Mission generate positive news stories and create stand-out marketing campaigns for their clients. Passionate about the clients they work for, Brand Mission understand the objectives and work hard to achieve them with a connected approach - linking marketing, PR and advertising.

 Sponsor - Bridgman & Bridgman

Bridgman & Bridgman

A wonderful donation from friends of Supershoes.

 Sponsor - Brinklow Collection Pot

Brinklow Collection Pot

Our local posties at the Royal Mail depot in Brinklow kindly support Supershoes by having a Supershoes collection pot on their counter.

 Sponsor - Brough Eagles After School Club

Brough Eagles After School Club

The super children who attend The Brough Eagles After School Club took part in many fun and amazing activities. Throughout the year they decorated and sold buns, held Easter egg raffle, had a sponsored walk and a Christmas coffee morning which involved a raffle, Tombola, cake stall and had a visit from Father Christmas! Thanks to their energetic activities Supershoes are able to provide more awesome shoes for children fighting Cancer.

 Sponsor - Broughton Manor School

Broughton Manor School

A special thank you to Ronnie Green and his Enterprise Challenge team at Broughton Manor School! He and the team raised funds for Supershoes by organising carnival games at the school fair. Hook a duck, guess the name of the teddy and putting teachers in the stocks were all favourites. Broughton Manor have adopted us as their Charity of the Year - Awesome!

 Sponsor - Buckland, Drayton, Beauchamp & Aston Clinton WI

Buckland, Drayton, Beauchamp & Aston Clinton WI

After a talk by one of our Super Volunteers Anne Bauling, these lovely ladies donated to Supershoes - & also held a ‘Bring & Buy’ that evening to boost their donation!

 Sponsor - Business Growth Programme Cranfield University

Business Growth Programme Cranfield University

The lovely chaps from Cranfield University clubbed together after their business meeting.