Without financial support, we simply wouldn’t be able to reach the amazing and inspirational children and young people with our very special gift of Supershoes. With so many great charities in the UK, we are grateful for donations of any size!

Where do your funds go?

Supershoes is a unique charity run entirely by volunteers and with minimal overhead, so you can be sure that the funds you contribute are for one purpose. To provide a unique gift, a customised pair of Supershoes, to a child with cancer.

It costs £50 to produce and deliver each pair of Supershoes. That covers the shoes, paint and postage. It’s a small price to help brighten the day of a child with cancer, reminding them of who they are despite their massive challenges, painful and harsh treatment and all of the side effects that come with it.

How to get involved:

So get together with your school, club, office, business, friends or family and see the difference you can make.

We have come up with a list of 50 fundraising ideas to raise £50 but there are many more too!


To help you get started, we have some super downloads to help you make your fundraiser super successful and don’t forget, we will always let you know whose Supershoes you fund!

Awesome Fundraising Stories

White Hart funds Supershoes

The Buckingham pub chose Supershoes as their 'Jar on the Bar' charity last month.....…

Super Artist Runs for Supershoes

Super Artist Sarah not only paints Supershoes for us, she's now sponsoring them too.....…

Super Sister raises £1000.....

Super Chloe's sister Abbie is 16 yrs old and decided that she wanted to do something to say thank you for her sister's Supershoes and to give something back.....…

Super Brother to fund more Supershoes!

Big brother Samuel saw how much his little sister loved her Supershoes and wanted to pay for a pair for another little girl or boy.....…