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Super Sponsor — Frosts Garden Centre

Frosts is a family owned group of four award-winning centres offering a superb shopping destination, inspirational plant nurseries, great events calendar and beautiful restaurants.

Frosts are one of Supershoes earliest business sponsor who continue to this day to be a huge supporter. From collection pots on till points, to bucket rattling opportunities on busy weekends. Frosts also kindly funded the Silver Medal Winning, Artisan garden at RHS Chelsea in 2018, aptly named ‘Laced with Hope’. the garden was designed to reflect the charity’s mission and helped Supershoes to achieve support and recognition of it’s work throughout the UK.

Frosts are incredibly generous in their support.

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Frosts Garden Centre’s Super Kids Stories

Super Roonagh's Story

Super Roonagh’s Story

March 2020

2 year old Roonagh was a premature baby and had open heart surgery later that year. A month following Roonagh was diagnosed with cancer of the liver and subsequently had a successful liver transplant in 2019.

Super Kelly's Story

Super Kelly’s Story

May 2018

Super Kelly loves all things Jamaican and wanted her Supershoes to reflect this. They have palm trees, the Jamaican flag and of course the super cool Bob Marley. She was diagnosed in December 2017...

Ryan's Story

Ryan’s Story

June 2016

This little fella is 5 year old Super Ryan. He loves his computer games especially Super Mario Bros and Skylanders and is also a big Star Wars fan.

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