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Sponsor — Firstsource Solutions UK Ltd.

This amazing global company have been fundraising for Supershoes all across the country! Some of the fun activities are listed here: Bingo Day in Danesfort, Funky Shoe Fridays in Banbury and Southampton, Name the Rabbit and Cake sales in Banbury and Cardiff and Easter and Summer activities . Some amazing football challenges also like Keepy Uppy Challenges and wearing football shirts for £1 day in Cardiff, a ‘Soak a CEL’ wet sponge throwing competition & senior managers participated in a Christmas Ice Bucket Challenge. A big thank you to all who participated especially those of you who took part in the Mount Errigal Peak Challenge and Half Marathons!

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Firstsource Solutions UK Ltd.’s Super Kids Stories

Super Ronnie's Story

Super Ronnie’s Story

October 2018

Super Ronnie loves lego and wanted Harry Potter lego on his Supershoes, along with his other favourite film Star Wars. He was diagnosed with ALL when he was 9 years old...

Super Honey's Story

Super Honey’s Story

September 2018

Super Honey's favourite animals are puppies, bunnies and bees which she was eager to see included on her Supershoes. She was diagnosed when she was 13 in February 2018...

Super Clayton's Story

Super Clayton’s Story

September 2018

Super Clayton is a huge fan of Toy Story, and his favourite character is Buzz Lightyear. He was diagnosed in April 2018...

Super Kaitlin's Story

Super Kaitlin’s Story

March 2018

Music fan Super Kaitlin enjoys reading and arts & crafts. Her favourite film is the Little Mermaid and sparkly unicorns are also something she loves...