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Sponsor — Amelia-Mae Foundation

A wonderful charity set up in memory of two year old Amelia-Mae who was struck with the devastating diagnosis of Neuroblastoma stage 4 in September 2012. Despite her amazing fighting, will and courage, Amelia-Mae unfortunately passed away in July 2013. The charity strives to support families during the strenuous battle which neuroblastoma causes. This includes referring children to us and funding Supershoes for these super brave children.

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Amelia-Mae Foundation’s Super Kids Stories

Super Orlagh's Story

Super Orlagh’s Story

December 2019

Super Orlagh was delighted when she received her Greatest Showman-themed Supershoes recently. Her family is so proud of how brave she is being with everything she has had to go through...

Super Seth's Story

Super Seth’s Story

July 2019

Super Seth loves Lego, animals & cartoon characters - his favourite characters are Snoopy & Scooby Doo. Super Seth was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in November 2018 on his 6th birthday ...

Finley's Story

Finley’s Story

February 2016

This brave little neuroblastoma fighting soldier said his Supershoes gave him real super powers.....