Super Artists

Each & every one of our Super Artists is a volunteer who donates their time and talent to create Supershoes for children fighting cancer.
Want to become a Super Artist? We are always on the look out for talented artist to join our volunteer team. Please complete our artists application form if you are interested.

Super Artist - Laura


I have a BA in Studio Design and I love to paint, especially wildlife.

“I feel privileged to paint for Supershoes and to be able to create something that brings joy to the children.”

Super Artist - Laura


A makeup artist based in South Wales with a degree in animation and a penchant for watching old Disney movies with my little girl.

“I am so proud to be part of the Super Artists. Contributing to such an amazing cause and something close to my heart.”

Super Artist - Laura D

Laura D

Laura is an Art, Textiles and Photography educator, who is training to be an Arts Psychotherapist. She lives with her boyfriend and two mischevious tuxedo cats. In her spare time Laura loves to travel, in search of art, architecture, colours and texture to inspire her artwork. She loves colourful clothes and shoes and is rarely spotted in black. Perfectly suited to be a Super Artist then!

“Art is a powerful tool and a gift to be shared. I love to paint Supershoes and use the skills I have to brighten up the day for someone else.”

Super Artist - Laurie


A professional face painter & balloon artist at

“I volunteer as a Supershoes Artist because my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer this year & I wanted to give something back to children fighting this awful disease. As I am an artist, what better way to do it than to share my art on shoes for these fabulous kids.”

Super Artist - Lee


Self-taught artist and a lover of all things graffiti, manga, DC and Marvel.

“It's an incredible feeling knowing I'm a part of something that brings smiles to these brave children's faces, It's such an honor being a Super Artist.”

Super Artist - Lilah


Lilah is currently our youngest Super Artist, and the daughter of our Artist Co-ordinator. She has won her school art prize and her category at the Painswick Art Couture Festival.

Super Artist - Lisa


Lisa is a former art teacher who has taken precious time out to concentrate on raising two lively boys and focus on developing her own work as an animal artist and illustrator.

“I adore making others happy through my work and can’t think of a more rewarding and heartwarming challenge than painting Supershoes for these amazing children. They are truly inspirational!”

Super Artist - Lisa


Art is my passion. I studied graphic design part time last year.

“I want to make a difference and put a smile on the face of any child receiving supershoes - I feel privileged that I get to be involved with this amazing charity!”

Super Artist - Lisa


Lisa grew up in North London & moved to stunning Yorkshire about 3 years ago. A professional artist she is lucky & grateful, that she gets to spend her days painting & creating mixed media 3D art. Every one of Lisa's pairs is painted with love, imagination & a little bit of magic!

“I wanted to do this because I feel honoured to be able to to put a smile on a poorly child or teenager's face & give them something positive in amongst all the rubbish they have to endure.”

Super Artist - Lisa


Lisa is a Pet Portrait Artist who works with children. She graduated in Textile Design 25 years ago and loves all things Artsy!

““I enjoy using my strengths to make a difference to children, and bringing smiles with my art.””

Super Artist - Liz


A mum of 2 grown-up boys who runs a facepainting business and is a total animal lover.

“I am so proud to be part of the Supershoes team, and able to spread a few smiles to some super children”

Super Artist - Liza


Liza is an artist-trained mother of 3 children and now enjoys art and craft activities in her spare time at home. Liza is also a bereaved parent having lost her firstborn child to SIDS.

“I love painting Supershoes to bring joy and happiness to such brave children and their families who are going through such a tough time. I feel blessed to be given such a special opportunity.”

Super Artist


Super Artist - Lizzie


An art student who enjoys working with a variety of mediums and materials.

“Having worked with painting shoes before, I decided that it would be best used helping those who need it.”

Super Artist - Lorna


I am an art teacher from Yorkshire.

“Being a Super artist for Supershoes gives me the opportunity to share my creative talents for an amazing charity. Bringing a bit of happiness to a group of inspiring young people is massively rewarding.”

Super Artist - Lucas


A toy designer as well as Creative Director & Trustee at Supershoes. He became involved in April 2014 when he created his first pair for us and has never looked back.

“I am incredibly proud to be part of Supershoes and have seen the joy on the children’s faces first hand - it’s special!”

Super Artist - Luci


Luci is a mum to 3 boys. Her eldest is autistic, so she knows all about being adaptable, as every day is different in her house. She loves arts and crafts and has always had a creative mind. Most importantly, Luci loves glitter: the more the better, which makes painting Supershoes for glitter-crazy Super brave children great fun. Luci began painting for Supershoes after she saw a pair that had been given to a young boy at her sons’ school.

“I am so happy to be able to use my artistic flair to make a very poorly child happy.”

Super Artist - Lucy


Lucy is a semi professional artist, who specialises in pet portraits and abstract canvasses. I started painting for Supershoes after a friend's son was diagnosed with Leukaemia. He received his Supershoes and it really gave him and his parents a morale boost. Personally, my family has also been affected by cancer, so I know the struggle a lot of these children and their families are going through.

“It's so rewarding to volunteer for Supershoes, and combine my passions for art and voluntary work.”

Super Artist - Lyndsey


Lyndsey is a Published children's author/illustrator. She loves animals, nature, art and making people smile.

“Being an artist for super shoes is one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done and I'm so proud to be a part of this wonderful team and cause. Knowing you are making a poorly child smile is the best feeling in the world”

Super Artist - Lynne


Lynne is a graphic and web designer with a love of illustration.

“I feel incredibly privileged to be part of such a great charity and help bring a small smile to these brave children and their families.”

Super Artists/Volunteers

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