Super Artists

Each & every one of our Super Artists are volunteers who donate their time and talent to create Supershoes for children fighting cancer.

Super Artist - Teresa


An artist working under the name of ‘Chubby Peacock’.

“I have a son with a life limiting illness myself, so it's an honour and a privilege to paint for Supershoes!”

Super Artist - Tiggy


Tiggy is studying animation at uni, and loves the sea, guitar, reading and drawing. She is very easily pleased!

“I'm new to Super shoes, just finished my first pair! I joined because I wanted to help bring some happiness into children and families lives during a tough time. I don't have the right brain to learn to be a doctor, but what I am good at is drawing, and if that makes people feel better I'll do it all day and night. :)”

Super Artist - Tracy


I'm a mother of 4 and a self employed facepainter

“When I found out about Supershoes I felt that this was perfect way to share my art. Bringing smiles to children gives me so much joy.”