Super Artists

Each & every one of our Super Artists are volunteers who donate their time and talent to create Supershoes for children fighting cancer.

Super Artist - Jan


Jan is a freelance Surface Designer specialising in patterns and is thrilled to be invited to join the Super Shoe creative crew.

“I hope I can create Super Shoes that will bring a smile to a little ones face and brighten their day.”

Super Artist - Jayne


A practicing artist working primarily in textiles & kiln-formed glass, plus a part-time teacher of Art, Craft & Design.

“I still love cartoons & superheroes; they're not just for kids you know!”

Super Artist - Jemma


A mum of three young children who works as a professional face and body painter. She's loved drawing and painting cartoons/animals from a very young age - As a child,dreamed of being the next Beatrix Potter!

“I feel very privileged to be able to paint for Supershoes, doing something I love whilst sending a piece of happiness to a child who is going through a very difficult time.”

Super Artist - Jeni


A freelance artist who creates a wide range of arts and crafts from her home-studio.

“I love to create for SuperShoes as it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that I have helped put a smile on a wee face and given them something unique and personal that they can treasure”

Super Artist - Jenifer


Spanish artist , teacher currently living in the UK. Worked in hospitality for 10 years has a QTS on Special Needs and a level 4 certificate on graphic design. Jenifer started with oil painting and has develop more techniques through the years.  

“I always wanted to help children using my skills, I already painted my first pair and I can say is awesome what Supershoes does for those kids, I’m so happy to be part of it and draw smiles on them.”

Super Artist - Jennie


A face & body painter who runs a bodypainting event in the UK and has been painting people for almost ten years!

“I lost my best friend aged 10 to cancer and being a Super Artist means I am able to use my painting skills to bring a little happiness to someone.”

Super Artist - Jennifer


An artist from Italy who has been a powerboat racer. She enjoys painting with acrylics and watercolors. She's also an animal lover - she has 5 cats and two dogs!

“I have always wanted to help people with my art, and I think that Supershoes is a wonderful project, it makes me happy to know I can wonderful children smile with my art!”

Super Artist - Jenny


A mum of 3 who has been face and body painting for the last 16 years and in the past was a theatrical make up artist and scenery artist.

“I already face paint at the local hospital and know the benefits to providing a fun distraction for families while in hospital and so really proud to have become a super artist to create art with love and spread more smiles”

Super Artist - Jo


I first heard about Supershoes through Super Artist Alison and immediately knew I wanted to help.  Every time I receive a pair of Supershoes it makes me a little sad knowing that a child is fighting illness.

“I am proud to call myself a Super Artist and help bring a little joy to a child and their family when they need it”

Super Artist - Jody


Volunteers to create Supershoes as well as helping out with fundraising and participating in hospital workshops.

“Supershoes has a very special place in my heart - A chance meeting has led to me feeling very humbled and fortunate to be volunteering for such a special and rewarding charity!”

Super Artist - John


A custom airbrush artist that likes the challenge of creating art on any surface, from miniatures up to large-scale projects.

“Knowing I can make these very brave kid's faces light up and smile is enough to make me want to help!”

Super Artist - Jon


Whilst Jon doesn’t work in the art industry, has an extraordinarily amazing talent for small-scale painting.

“After painting my wife’s nails, tiny baby Supershoes are what I most like to paint”

Super Artist - Joni


A primary school teacher and professional facepainter who has been painting for Supershoes for about a year.

“Why do I enjoy painting Supershoes....? Because if I can do even a teeny bit to brighten a child's day I'll do it.”

Super Artist - Judith


“I love painting Supershoes as it turns the feeling of helplessness into a gift of love.”

Super Artist - Julie


A tattooist since 1998, and a artist forever. Love all kinds of art, and a bit of a geek in training, and a biker at heart.

“It’s a beautiful thing to be able to be given a opportunity to create something to give someone a smile. Proud to be part of this.”

Super Artist - Justine


A face painter who also draws garden designs for a landscaping company, Justine has been creating stuff since she was a child.

“I love seeing children smile, and going through what they do, these girls and boys are in need of extra smiles, I hope my work can help a little bit!”