Super Artists

Each & every one of our Super Artists is a volunteer who donates their time and talent to create Supershoes for children fighting cancer.
Want to become a Super Artist? We are always on the look out for talented artist to join our volunteer team. Please complete our artists application form if you are interested.

Super Artist - Sally


Works as a freelance graphic designer for a well known charity by day and in her spare time creates mixed-media collages on found paintings sourced from local car boots and flea markets.

“I had a bit of spare time on my hands when the Supershoes recruitment drive popped up on my Facebook timeline and I just thought what a fantastic thing it would be to get involved with. It’s a great way for artists to give something that money can’t buy, I could see how much love, effort and inspiration each artist was putting into every pair of shoes and the joy that they brought to the children receiving them.”

Super Artist - Sally


Sally is an artist, art teacher and face painter. Her creative nature is inspired by walking in the countryside where she loves spotting Highland cows, chickens, piggies and beautiful trees.

“I'm so honoured to be a Super Artist painting all the creative ideas and designs that hopefully bring a smile to the face of a child.”

Super Artist - Sam


Sam is a busy single parent to two awesome girls and an old Labrador. She loves triathlons in her spare time, although we can't imagine where she gets that spare time from! When she's not working or doing something for the children then you can probably find her running, swimming or cycling. Sam says that when she needs a creative outlet, she loves painting, so becoming a Super Artist and painting Supershoes has given her the best kind of outlet for that.

“It's creativity with purpose. It's nice to think that my doodling can help cheer up a young person and bring a smile to their face. The world needs more smiles”

Super Artist


Sarah has recently joined the Super Artist team.

Super Artist - Sarah


Having always been a huge fan of all things Disney, superheroes, cartoons, games and more, it made perfect sense for Sarah to study 3D Digital Animation at University of Hertfordshire. Since then she has worked at Universal Studios in Florida, Warner Bros Studios Leavesden: The Making of Harry Potter and love make artwork whenever she can.

“Making these special and brave children smile is priceless. I'm absolutely delighted to be a part of such a magical and wonderful charity. It's an absolute privilege to get creative, and paint unique imaginative shoes for these Super-Kids!”

Super Artist - Sarah


Founder of Supershoes who despite managing everything from the day to day logistics of the operation to the longer term strategy of how to achieve the organisations mission, she still finds time to paint the odd pair of Supershoes.

“I have seen the amazing impact a pair of hand painted shoes can have - Providing children and young people with a positive, empowering boost to their wellbeing.”

Super Artist - Shelley


Shelley lives by the seaside in beautiful Devon and has a penchant for tea and cats. A mother first and foremost, she is a face and body painter, singer and writer.

“It genuinely makes me happy to create something so special for someone and I feel so privileged to be asked to spend time on a design that would make them smile”

Super Artist - Shelly


Shelly is a working mum that enjoys creating things in her spare time. Shelly has almost finished her training as a counsellor, finishing the second year of her level 4 diploma in integrative counselling. She also has an A level and AVCE in art and design.

“Shelly paints for SuperShoes as she get to do something she loves and hopefully make a child smile which makes the hard work completely worth it.”

Super Artist


Sian recently joined the Super-Artist team.

Super Artist - Sianne


A face & body artist who was introduced to Supershoes by other artists that she admires. She loves the challenge that each new pair of Supershoes brings.

“Creating Supershoes for super children is a privilege and an honour. It seems the least that I can do for such wonderful, brave young people!”

Super Artist - Sonia


Sonia is a self-taught artist and the mum of a grown-up musician son. She's always loved doing arts & crafty stuff but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that she actually started to ‘draw’. She loves to draw to relax and unwind. This year, Sonia celebrated her 60th birthday and now she has a bit more time on her hands so having seen Supershoes UK on tv a few years ago, it was an opportunity for her to bring a little joy to a poorly child by painting these fun shoes.

“I love painting these shoes and I feel incredibly privileged to be part of the Super Artist team for Supershoes UK. Also to be able to do something positive that will bring a smile to a child that is suffering through illness, means so much to me too.”

Super Artist - Steff


I've been a professional magician and facepainter for 8 years, and live with my partner Olly, who is also a Magician, and my 2 children, 2 dogs and Jeremy the parrot.

“Painting for Supershoes means a lot to me because my brother had a brain tumour a few years ago, and I know how important it is to have something positive to focus on”

Super Artist


Super Artists/Volunteers

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