Super Artists

Each & every one of our Super Artists is a volunteer who donates their time and talent to create Supershoes for children fighting cancer.
Want to become a Super Artist? We are always on the look out for talented artist to join our volunteer team. Please complete our artists application form if you are interested.

Super Artist - Rasiha


A face/body painter and Henna tattoo artist who loves painting anything and everything.

“I love painting for Supershoes... it’s truly special and the team is amazing which is probably why I’m so inspired to do my fair and share. It’s always a pleasure to paint for this amazing cause and if I can do anything to put a smile on a child’s face or give any glimpse of joy it means the world to me.”

Super Artist


One of our new Super Artists!

Super Artist - Rebecca


Rebecca Osborne is an artist and graphic recorder living in Norfolk near a beautiful beach where she likes to walk with her family and dogs.

“Volunteering for Supershoes lets me use my art to make a difference. I love to spend a day in my studio, quietly creating a special pair of shoes. This awesome charity sends shoeboxes full of love to families- I love being a part of it!”

Super Artist - Rebecca


Becky is an art and photography teacher in her day-to-day life. She also photographs weddings and sells watercolours of animals in her spare time.

“I am so honoured to be part of the Supershoes artists. To be able to paint and do what I love most for an amazing cause Is just the best feeling. I can’t wait to paint lots more! All I have ever wanted to do is use my art in positive ways and that’s why I am a teacher, but to now do something that gives a little bit back to such an amazing cause is such a great feeling. We may not be able to cure these illnesses but hopefully, smiles on faces will be had every time I paint some shoes.... mine included.”

Super Artist - Rebecca


Rebecca is a face painter and has spent a lot of time painting at children’s hospitals where she says she is always inspired by the light and happiness that fills the children she meets there.

“If I can bring a smile to a child who is suffering and am responsible for a fraction of their happiness then that brings me the most satisfaction of any job I’ve ever done.”

Super Artist - Rona


Rona lives on a beautiful island off the coast of Scotland. She attends local craft markets with her wide range of makes. She also enjoys doing creative things in the community from painting stones for a walled garden, to making props for the local pantomime.

“I love being an artist for Supershoes. I spent time in Great Ormond Street Hospital as a baby, so it means a great deal to me to be able to create Supershoes for children there and all over the country. It makes me very happy to think that the shoes I paint can bring such joy to others. It is also very rewarding for me, as it improves my mental health and makes me get out my paint brushes and focus on the lovely themes, when otherwise I might be feeling low and unable to be creative.”

Super Artist - Rosie


I am a university student studying Zoology.

“I volunteer for Supershoes to spread happiness to those who need it most.”

Super Artist - Roxy


I am a self-taught artist, although I have always enjoyed drawing as a hobby. I'm a home educator and I'm currently studying at university to complete a BSc Degree in Psychology with Counselling Skills.

“Since applying to become a volunteer artist, I have felt motivated each week to get my brushes out without the hesitation I used to have. To be given this opportunity to contribute in any way to this fantastic charity has been great! I hope to learn and improve in my designs so I can create more fantastic Supershoes for the unique and wonderful children that receive them.”

Super Artists/Volunteers

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