Super Artist - Luci

Super Artist — Luci

Luci is a mum to 3 boys. Her eldest is autistic, so she knows all about being adaptable, as every day is different in her house. She loves arts and crafts and has always had a creative mind. Most importantly, Luci loves glitter: the more the better, which makes painting Supershoes for glitter-crazy Super brave children great fun. Luci began painting for Supershoes after she saw a pair that had been given to a young boy at her sons’ school.
“I am so happy to be able to use my artistic flair to make a very poorly child happy.”

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Super Morven's Story

Super Morven’s Story

June 2020

Morven is 7 years old and was diagnosed with Orbital Rhabdomyosarcoma January 2020. Her Supershoes include her favourite football team, film and animals.