Super Artists

Each & every one of our Super Artists is a volunteer who donates their time and talent to create Supershoes for children fighting cancer.
Want to become a Super Artist? We are always on the look out for talented artist to join our volunteer team. Please complete our artists application form if you are interested.

Super Artist - Debbie


I'm mom to 3 boys and work as a play Leader at our local school. I'm just starting out with my own business face painting which is how I heard about Supershoes.

“I was so drawn to the charity because I was diagnosed with cancer some years ago but had my treatment on the Teenage Cancer Unit. I met some really amazing kids during my treatment and I got to see first hand the lift that charities like Supershoes can give children. I really wanted to be part of that.”

Super Artist - Debbie


A full-time executive personal assistant 9-5, Debbie also runs her own face-painting and body art business during the evenings and at weekends. Debbie has had a passion for art since being a child and loves up-cycling furniture and interior design. Debbie is a mum to two beautiful girls and 2 fur- babies!

“I am honoured to create Supershoes for brave and inspirational children. I love the challenge and the reward of knowing a child has received such a personal gift.”

Super Artist - Dee


Mum to a beautiful girl who is her biggest supporter and biggest critic. Every pair of Supershoes she paints has to have her seal of approval.

“Painting supershoes allows me to help a child and their family that I wouldn't ordinarily be able to do anything for.”

Super Artist - Denise


Denise has a diploma in Art & Design and mum to 2 grown up children. She has been a Recruitment Consultant and PA but now concentrate making and selling my art. She is passionate about art in all forms and couldn’t imagine her life without it. She draws, paints, sews and upcycles anything.

“I paint Supershoes because I wanted to use my skill to give something back and what better way than giving joy to someone who needs it most”

Super Artist - Diane


Can paint in any style but especially in detail or realism.

“It is the most emotional and rewarding painting I have done and each child holds a place in my heart.”

Super Artists/Volunteers

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We are always on the lookout for talented artists to join our volunteer team. Whatever your artistic background we would love to hear from you.