Super Artists

Each & every one of our Super Artists are volunteers who donate their time and talent to create Supershoes for children fighting cancer.

Super Artist - Debbie


A full time executive personal assistant 9-5 runs her own face-painting and Body art business evenings and weekends. Debbie has had a passion for art since being a child and loves up-cycling furniture and interior design. Debbie is a mum to two beautiful girls and 2 fur babies!

“I am honoured to create Supershoes for brave and inspirational children, I love the challenge and the reward of knowing a child has received such a personal gift”

Super Artist - Dee


Has been drawing as long as she can remember and main job is to paint commissioned pieces, portraits, etc.

“My favourite thing to paint is baby bumps!”

Super Artist - Dee


Mum to a beautiful girl who is her biggest supporter and biggest critic. Every pair of Supershoes she paints has to have her seal of approval.

“Painting supershoes allows me to help a child and their family that I wouldn't ordinarily be able to do anything for.”

Super Artist - Des


A school caretaker who sometimes dresses up for charity.

“My son is a cancer survivor and being a Supershoes Artist has helped me find a way to use the skills I have to help other children going through similar experiences.”

Super Artist - Diane


Can paint in any style but especially in detail or realism.

“It is the most emotional and rewarding painting I have done and each child holds a place in my heart.”