Super Alfie's Story

Super Alfie's Story March 2024

Alfie's chest pain unfortunately proved to be more than just a pulled muscle...

Super Alfie’s Journey

Super Alfie’s chest pain did not go away, and after a family holiday, they noticed a lump on his chest. X-rays confirmed a lesion on his rib, which was a Ewing’s sarcoma. Alfie was then straight into 5 rounds of chemotherapy, along with many scans and other procedures, which his mum says, he has endured whilst remaining his usual cheeky, happy self. Well done, Alfie! Keep smiling and hope your Supershoes give you the boost you deserve so much!

Super Alfie’s Diagnosis

Around 30-40 children are diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma in the UK each year. It usually occurs in the teenage years and is more prevalent in boys. Find out more about Ewings Sarcoma

The Supershoes

Alfie just loves Miles Morales (black Superman) and wanted his Supershoes to be themed. Super Artist Callie did an amazing job with them, as you can see, and Alfie’s mum says he loves them very much! Glad we were able to get these to you, Alfie! Sending you lots of love too. Alfie 2

Super Alfie with their Supershoes