Super Stefan's Story

Super Stefan's Story December 2020

A suspected footballing injury turned out to be something far more serious for Stefan.

Super Stefan’s Journey

In February 2020, Stefan had back pain after playing football and was then diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma at 15 years old. His treatment involved 14 cycles of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiotherapy which was completed in Edinburgh over 9 months. Not only did Stefan have to endure this treatment but he and his family also had to live away from home, as he needed to be close to a Children’s Cancer Centre which was over 4 hours’ drive from where they lived.

Super Stefan’s Diagnosis

Around 30-40 children are diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma in the UK each year. It usually occurs in the teenage years and is more prevalent in boys. Find out more about Ewings Sarcoma

The Supershoes

Stefan’s Super Cap is all about football, of course, and the youth team he played for before his diagnosis, in Ullapool. His teammates can’t wait for Stefan to return as soon as he’s fit and well again.

Super Stefan with their Supershoes

Super Stefan’s Gallery