Super Amelie's Story

Super Amelie's Story December 2019

Super Amelie had a beaming smile on her face after receiving her Supershoes recently and felt very, very happy when she put them on. Her family is so proud of how brave Super Amelie has been throughout all her treatment. She has never complained and has kept a smile on the faces of those closest to her. She is an inspirational young lady!

Super Amelie’s Journey

Back in September 2018 at just 5 years old, Super Amelie was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer after finding a lump in her leg a few months prior. After many tests and scans, along with a biopsy and general anaesthetic procedure, she was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, that had metastasised to both lungs. After an intensive programme of treatment, including 15 rounds of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and major surgery to amputate from just about the knee, Super Amelie has now received the incredible news that she is cancer free and is rehabilitating well. Super Amelie got her first prosthetic leg in May which was bright pink, named Ariel, and does not allow her disability to hold her back, which is why she continues to dance and play, all the things she would usually do! Now she has a new leg, called Rainbow Dash!

Super Amelie’s Diagnosis

Around 30-40 children are diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma in the UK each year. It usually occurs in the teenage years and is more prevalent in boys. Find out more about Ewings Sarcoma

The Supershoes

“As soon as she put Rainbow Dash on with both super shoes on, a beaming smile spread on her face and she exuded style and confidence, not a feeling she has a lot. Having one leg and a prosthetic can make her stand out and people stare but now with her new super shoes, she feels cool and confident and can talk about these rather than answering questions about where her leg has gone. Amelie said when she opened the box she felt “happy, very very happy” “I was surprised because I did not think they would be so wonderful’. When putting them on with her new leg she said ‘I felt confident and super cool and really happy. I LOVE them!’ Thank you!”

Super Amelie with their Supershoes