Zak's Story

Zak's Story July 2015

15 year old Super Zak is a big football fan. He supports Liverpool FC and his favourite player is Daniel Sturidge.

Zak’s Journey

Zak was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, which is a type of bone & soft tissue cancer, in August 2014 and through his battle he has endured both radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment.

Zak’s Diagnosis

Around 30-40 children are diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma in the UK each year. It usually occurs in the teenage years and is more prevalent in boys. Find out more about Ewings Sarcoma

The Supershoes

Zak’s Liverpool FC inspired Supershoes gave him something to smile about during a recent hospital stay.

Zak with their Supershoes

Zak’s Gallery