Super Ronnie's Story

Super Ronnie's Story September 2022

Ronnie has been an "absolute warrior" according to his mum. His gruelling treatment began, and continued, all through lockdown...

Super Ronnie’s Journey

During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we’re sharing with you the story of Super Ronnie. Ronnie was 7 when he was first diagnosed with a Stage 4 Wilms’ tumour (kidney cancer). During lockdown, he went through 40 rounds of chemotherapy, 2 major operations to remove the tumour and a lesion on his lung, and 8 rounds of radiotherapy. Ronnie was determined to keep the other children on his ward smiling, and himself busy, so he cheered everyone up by playing his beloved ukelele.

Super Ronnie’s Diagnosis

Around 90 children are diagnosed with renal (kidney) tumours every year in the UK. Of these approx 80 are Wilms' tumour. Find out more about Wilms Tumour

The Supershoes

Attachment 2022 01 06 12 58 Ronnie’s ukelele of course featured on his Supershoes, along with Leeds United, another passion of Ronnie’s.

Super Ronnie with their Supershoes