Super Leo's Story

Super Leo's Story December 2023

Little Leo was only 21 months old when he was diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer.

Super Leo’s Journey

The diagnosis hit his family hard too, as they had to watch their baby go through surgery to remove one of his kidneys and then radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which is ongoing. Leo’s mum says he has been so brave and keeps smiling, despite everything he’s going through.

Super Leo’s Diagnosis

Around 90 children are diagnosed with renal (kidney) tumours every year in the UK. Of these approx 80 are Wilms' tumour. Find out more about Wilms Tumour

The Supershoes

Leo loves wild animals, and a lion and elephant were top of his list to have on his Supershoes. We think Super Artist Nicky made an awesome job of them. Leo 2

Super Leo with their Supershoes