Super Arabella's Story

Super Arabella's Story September 2022

Super Arabella's headaches, nausea and light sensitivity were cause for concern. An MRI scan revealed Craniopharyngioma...

Super Arabella’s Journey

Eye tests and then an MRI scan to find the cause of Arabella’s headaches, nausea and light sensitivity eventually diagnosed a craniopharyngioma and a large cyst in her brain. She was rushed by ambulance to hospital and had two major surgeries to remove the cyst and most of the tumour. Super Arabella now faces radiotherapy to remove the rest of the tumour. As you can see, she hasn’t stopped smiling, since she received her Supershoes!

Super Arabella’s Diagnosis

Brain and spinal cord tumours are the most common form solid tumours found in children with around 400 being diagnosed each year in the UK. Find out more about Brain & Spinal Tumours

The Supershoes

Arabella was very specific about what she wanted to see on her Supershoes: purple and red, V for Vendetta, AC/DC and the Mockingjay insignia from The Hunger Games. Super Artist Alex was more than happy to oblige, and Arabella was thrilled with the result, as you can see!

Super Arabella with their Supershoes