Jessica's Story

Jessica's Story July 2016

Super Jessica is 2 and loves swimming. She goes whenever she is well enough.

Jessica’s Journey

Super Jessica is 2 loves Ben & Holly, Peppa Pig and anything sparkly.

Aged just 18 months, she was diagnosed with Pilomixoid Astrocytoma - an aggressive, inoperable, brain tumour.

She is currently working through an 18 month course of intensive chemotherapy. She has had many ups and downs in treatment but now has 6 months left to complete.

She is incredibly brave and a very special little girl and you can read more about her journey here:

Jessica’s Diagnosis

Brain and spinal cord tumours are the most common form solid tumours found in children with around 400 being diagnosed each year in the UK. Find out more about Brain & Spinal Tumours

The Supershoes

Jessica absolutely LOVES her Supershoes!! Your Super Artist has captured Jessica so well and right now she is refusing to remove them!! The even went to ballet with her today.

Thank you so so much for putting a smile on her face!

Jessica with their Supershoes

Jessica’s Gallery