Super Jack's Story

Super Jack's Story April 2024

Unexplained bruising on his body whilst on a family holiday, led to a worrying diagnosis for Jack...

Super Jack’s Journey

Jack’s unexplained symptoms, combined with a rash that did not disappear when pressed with a glass, led to blood tests and a diagnosis of Aplastic Anaemia. There followed platelet and blood transfusions, along with a bone marrow transplant, which went well. Jack still has months of isolation, medication and regular check-ups ahead of him, but has taken all his treatment in his stride and has been very brave throughout. Wishing you all the best, Jack!

Super Jack’s Diagnosis

Aplastic anaemia is a serious condition in which the bone marrow does not produce enough new blood cells. Some symptoms include tiredness, paleness, frequent infections, and easy bruising and bleeding. Find out more about Aplastic Anaemia

The Supershoes

Jujutsu Kaisen, Mandelorian and Sukunu Jujutsu Kaisen were top of Jack’s list for including on his Supershoes. Super Artist Luke is a fan too, and made a superb job of them. We received a lovely message from Jack’s mum: “Our son Jack woke up to a lovely parcel this morning that put a beaming smile on his face. Thank you so so much; he absolutely loves his Supershoes! Many thanks Kirsty (Jacks Mum)” Jack 3

Super Jack with their Supershoes