Super Gabriel's Story

Super Gabriel's Story July 2022

Imagine having to spend Christmas and your birthday in isolation in hospital!

Super Gabriel’s Journey

Gabriel was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia in October 2021. This brave warrior then had to spend both Christmas and his 9th birthday in isolation in hospital, following a bone marrow transplant. He’s been home for a while now, but Gabriel still faces further stem cell treatment for his condition. Ever the creative mind, Gabriel had a very specific request for his Supershoes. He asked for Homer Simpson, fighting Cole from Lego Ninjago with a piece of pink cake. Super Artist Karena was only too happy to oblige and Gabriel was thrilled with the results, as you can see! Gabriel’s mum says ” thank you for bringing a smile to his face”! You’re so welcome Gabriel! What a brilliant and unique pair of Supershoes you designed!

Super Gabriel’s Diagnosis

Aplastic anaemia is a serious condition in which the bone marrow does not produce enough new blood cells. Some symptoms include tiredness, paleness, frequent infections, and easy bruising and bleeding. Find out more about Aplastic Anaemia

The Supershoes

Cole from Lego Ninjago fighting Homer Simpson for a piece of pink cake.

Super Gabriel with their Supershoes