Super Orlagh's Story

Super Orlagh's Story December 2019

Super Orlagh was delighted when she received her Greatest Showman-themed Supershoes recently. Her family is so proud of how brave she is being with everything she has had to go through...

Super Orlagh’s Journey

In March 2019, Super Orlagh began having aches in her legs, resulting in a doctors appointment being made but before she could attend, she was rushed to A & E in lots of pain. After multiple tests including x-rays, ultrasounds and blood tests, it was confirmed that Super Orlagh had Neuroblastoma, with her primary tumour being in her chest, as well as having cancer in her legs, pelvis and skull. She has been spending lots of time in hospital but whilst she is there, Super Orlagh has been creating some amazing artwork and watching her favourite films…musicals!

Super Orlagh’s Diagnosis

neuroblastoma is the second most common type of solid tumour found in children and represents around 8% of all childhood cancers. Find out more about Neuroblastoma

The Supershoes

Super Orlagh loves her Greatest Showman themed Supershoes, especially the painting of her favourite character, Anne the acrobat. Super Orlagh’s Supershoes also include the nickname ‘Wildcat’ because of her high spirits and fight.

Super Orlagh with their Supershoes

Super Orlagh’s Gallery