Finley's Story

Finley's Story February 2016

This brave little neuroblastoma fighting soldier said his Supershoes gave him real super powers.....

Finley’s Journey

This adorable little guy is 3 year old Super Finley. As you can see from his hat, he loves Spiderman (and Minions too).

Since being diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in January last year, the family’s lives have been turned upside down. Finley has endured awful treatment and procedures but has remained strong and happy throughout. What a brave little soldier!

Finley’s Diagnosis

neuroblastoma is the second most common type of solid tumour found in children and represents around 8% of all childhood cancers. Find out more about Neuroblastoma

The Supershoes

Thank you so much to your wonderful artist who designed these lovely cool super shoes for Finley . He absolutely loves them . He told me his super powers are now real

Finley with their Supershoes

Finley’s Gallery