Henry's Story

Henry's Story October 2013

The very 1st pair of Supershoes were created for Henry Allen, who sadly gained his angel wings shortly after receiving his Supershoes.....

Henry’s Journey

Initially, the changes Henry’s parents had noticed were dismissed as nothing to worry about. But he wasn’t himself and he became very unwell. Henry was rushed to John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford, to discover he had Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma and was battling for his life.

Over the next two years, alongside gruelling tests, painful treatments and surgery, Henry fought as hard as he could. Yet, through all the tears, doctor visits and hospital stays, Henry never stopped smiling. His happiness, strength and bravery will always be remembered.

Henry’s condition deteriorated rapidly and there wasn’t time to seek alternative treatment. Henry wanted go come home and his family spent their last days together making memories.

Henry’s Diagnosis

neuroblastoma is the second most common type of solid tumour found in children and represents around 8% of all childhood cancers. Find out more about Neuroblastoma

The Supershoes

It was at this time Henry received his Supershoes. The very first pair to be created, inspired by him.

Sadly Henry gained his angel wings shortly afterwards.

His parents, family and friends have since set up The Henry Allen Trust in memory of their amazingly brave little boy. They work to support other families affected by neuroblastoma and this includes funding Supershoes.

Henry with their Supershoes

Henry’s Gallery