Zachery's Story

Zachery's Story December 2016

Diagnosed at just 2 months old, Super Zachery has spent much of his life in hospital...

Zachery’s Journey

Super Zachery is 9 months old. He was diagnosed at 2 months old with Infantile Fibro Sarcoma. Although he has been in hospital with infections and side effects of chemotherapy he has remained a very happy and brave little boy. His mummy and daddy are very proud of him.

Zachery’s Diagnosis

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The Supershoes

Zach is doing so so well since having a tumour removed from his leg in September, it won’t be long before he will hopefully be toddling around in his beautiful new shoes.

Zach received today his new Supershoes today - They are stunning, absolutely amazing!  They brought a year to my eye when I opened them, such thought and effort went into them. Super Artist Ayesha has done a wonderful job and we will treasure them forever. Thanks again, fantastic charity!

Zachery with their Supershoes

Zachery’s Gallery