Super Kids

Super Oscar's Story

Super Oscar’s Story

May 2024

A weakness in Oscar's right arm and hand was the start of the journey no family wants to take...

Super Sophia's Story

Super Sophia’s Story

May 2024

A devastating diagnosis just 3 days after her 16th birthday...

Super Jack's Story

Super Jack’s Story

April 2024

Unexplained bruising on his body whilst on a family holiday, led to a worrying diagnosis for Jack...

Super Isabelle's Story

Super Isabelle’s Story

April 2024

Isabelle was poorly with infections and joint pain, before being diagnosed with ALL. Read about her supervision of medical staff here...!

Super Travis's Story

Super Travis’s Story

April 2024

A "standard" fall at school took Super Travis to hospital, where a devastating diagnosis was made...

Super Charlotte's Story

Super Charlotte’s Story

April 2024

A tiny pair of Supershoes for this brave little girl...

Super Skyla's Story

Super Skyla’s Story

March 2024

This young lady was very observant, and found a lump, which carried with it a very serious diagnosis...

Super Sonia's Story

Super Sonia’s Story

March 2024

Super Sonia has been receiving treatment for a pilomixoid brain tumour and has been so brave and courageous with her treatment...