Super Elsie's Story

Super Elsie's Story March 2024

Super Elsie's brain tumour unfortunately caused her to lose her sight in both eyes...

Super Elsie’s Journey

Super Elsie was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2022. She has had radiotherapy and is still undergoing chemotherapy, and is now completely blind as a result of the tumour. At Supershoes, we have some very special Super Artists who can create sensory, tactile Supershoes for visually impaired children and young people, so we set to work.

Super Elsie’s Diagnosis

Brain and spinal cord tumours are the most common form solid tumours found in children with around 400 being diagnosed each year in the UK. Find out more about Brain & Spinal Tumours

The Supershoes

Elsie’s Supershoes were created by Super Artist Glyn, who is experienced in creating sensory Supershoes. Elsie’s favourite things are rainbows, unicorns, Barbie, nature and Harry Potter, and Glyn has made a very special job of these shoes. Elsie’s mum told us, “Elsie has received her Supershoes and she absolutely LOVES them! They are perfect for her and it’s so lovely that they’ve made them tactile for her so she can feel the designs. Thank you so much!” ❤️Elsie 7 Elsie 8Elsie 9

Super Elsie with their Supershoes