Super Esme's Story

Super Esme's Story March 2019

Super Esme loves unicorns, flowers & hip hop - & of course, her favourite colour is pink! Esme was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour in March 2017 …

Super Esme’s Journey

Super Esme was diagnosed in March 2017 having presented with Sunsetting Eyes. She was admitted to her local hospital for an MRI which showed Hydrocephalus & a brain tumour. Super Esme was transferred to Great Ormand Street Hospital for a V.P Shunt, Biopsy & Hickman line. Her Chemotherapy was commenced in April 2017 & after five treatments failed, she is finally stable on a new course of Chemotherapy.

Super Esme’s Diagnosis

Brain and spinal cord tumours are the most common form solid tumours found in children with around 400 being diagnosed each year in the UK. Find out more about Brain & Spinal Tumours

The Supershoes

“Good afternoon, After a challenging week these beautiful shoes have really cheered Esme up, I can’t thank you all enough! They’re amazing!! Thank you once again” Toni and Esme xx

Super Esme with their Supershoes

Super Esme’s Gallery