Super Thomas's Story

Super Thomas's Story August 2023

A lump on his neck and difficulties walking led to an unexpected and terrifying diagnosis for Thomas' family...

Super Thomas’s Journey

Thomas has been a little star throughout his treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. His mummy tells us that he’s had to miss out on so many of the things he loves, including breakfast, when he’s had to have a general anaesthetic, poor chap! Throughout his hospital visits and stays, he’s been such a trooper, helping the nurses with his checks, even though some procedures have made him very sad, and still being very much up for cuddles with his big sister. He’s currently undergoing chemotherapy, and his family hope that this will bring an end to his cancer. Thomas was absolutely over the moon with his Supershoes, as you can see, and his mummy says he will love them forever! Keep smiling Thomas! Thomas 2

Super Thomas’s Diagnosis

Around 60 children each year receives a diagnosis of Hodgkin Lymphoma (HL), in the UK. While it can affect children of all ages, it occurs more often in the 10-14 year age group, affecting more boys than girls. Find out more about Hodgkin Lymphoma

The Supershoes

Thomas is a big fan of Spiderman, as you can tell, and Super Artist Steve made an ace job of these beauties! They were kindly sponsored by a kind anonymous donor.Thomas 4

Super Thomas with their Supershoes