Super Lys's Story

Super Lys's Story November 2022

Lys's suspected UTI turned out to be something far more serious...

Super Lys’s Journey

Lys consulted their GP a couple of times before far more worrying symptoms rushed her to A&E, where a few days after tests, they were found to have masses on both ovaries. After admission to hospital, CT and MRI scans, Yolk Sac Germ Cell Tumour was diagnosed: a very rare form of ovarian cancer, affecting just 1% of the young female population. Lys is now being treated with chemotherapy in London and at Addenbrook’s following surgery.

Lys sent us a very sweet message after they received their Supershoes: “I just wanted to say thank you so so much for my custom converses, I absolutely love them so much. Definitely a lovely surprise and honestly has made me so happy seeing how amazing they are. Thank you so much to Super Artist May, who painted them, you absolutely nailed it!!”

You’re so welcome, Lys; we’re delighted they made you smile!5805 Aylssa TYWS 1

Super Lys’s Diagnosis

Around 45 children in the UK are diagnosed with Germ Cell Tumours each year and they can affect children of any age. Find out more about Germ Cell Tumour

The Supershoes

Attack on Titan and Tokyo ghoul were among the requests from Lys to be included on their Supershoes. Super Artist May was happy to oblige.

Super Lys with their Supershoes