Super Eddie's Story

Super Eddie's Story September 2022

Just days after his 18th birthday, Eddie went to his GP with a worsening cough. No-one could have predicted the diagnosis that followed...

Super Eddie’s Journey

Fresh from his 18th birthday celebrations, Eddie’s cough was getting worse. A visit to his GP, followed by an X-ray and CT scan confirmed a large tumour on his lung, which had spread to other areas and Stage 4 Lymphoma was diagnosed. Eddie is coping very well with his chemotherapy treatment, and has amazed his family with his strength and resilience. We’re glad you loved your Supershoes, Eddie and hope that Snoopy gives you an extra boost too!

Super Eddie’s Diagnosis

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The Supershoes

A minimalist Snoopy design was what Eddie really wanted on his Supershoes, and Super Artist Helen made an amazing job of customising them to Eddie’s brief.

Super Eddie with their Supershoes