Super Amy-Lee's Story

Super Amy-Lee's Story March 2019

Super Amy-Lee adores her three cats - Caramel, Cadbury & Cookie. Her favourite colours are pink & purple & this is reflected in her Supershoes design. She was diagnosed with Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma & HLH in March 2018 …

Super Amy-Lee’s Journey

Super Amy-Lee was admitted to hospital in March 2018 with a swollen lymph node in her neck. Over a few weeks Amy-Lee became critically ill and was diagnosed with adult Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma. This is extremely rare in children. Over the last 6 months Amy-Lee has responded well to treatment and the future looks bright. She has never stopped smiling & her positivity shines through the courage she shows every day.

Super Amy-Lee’s Diagnosis

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The Supershoes

“Good Evening, Oh my goodness, what can I say? … nothing really, apart from a massive thank-you. Amy-Lee loves her new shoes and as soon as she opened them she was off sending photos to all her friends. Thank you so very much for making her day, words really are not enough. Her cats have been captured perfectly, down to the smallest details. Thank you Sarah and a massive thank you to Lisa for designing them.” Kirsty

Super Amy-Lee with their Supershoes

Super Amy-Lee’s Gallery