Super Alyssa's Story

Super Alyssa's Story February 2020

Super Alyssa was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma at just 3 years old, after discovering a lump on her tummy and is the latest child to receive the gift of Supershoes.

Super Alyssa’s Journey

Alyssa was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma after discovering a lump on her tummy. Further tests showed her to have metastasis on her lungs also. She is currently having chemotherapy and will require liver surgery which could be a transplant pending tests results.

Super Alyssa’s Diagnosis

Tumours of the liver (known as hepatic tumours) are very rare in childhood. Up to 20 children are diagnosed each year in the UK. Find out more about Hepatoblastoma / Hepatocellular Carcinoma

The Supershoes

“Alyssa absolutely loves her Supershoes. We cannot thank super shoes and the artist Jayne enough. Everywhere she goes she has been showing everyone her shoes. Supershoes is such an amazing charity.”

Alyssa’s Supershoes design brief included: Umizoomi, 101 dalmations, unicorns and lots of pink and purple.

Super Alyssa with their Supershoes

Super Alyssa’s Gallery