Super Artist - Gita

Super Artist — Gita

A face and body artist, she enjoys creativity in all its forms –2D and 3D. Gita joined the team in 2016.
“By painting each pair of shoes according to the child’s interests and favourite characters, I hope to contribute to the charity’s overall aim – to empower children in very difficult circumstances. May each pair of shoes become as special to the child as they are as special in this world.”

Gita’s Super Kids Stories

Sophia's Story

Sophia’s Story

August 2023

Super Sophia is described as a "little warrior" by her mum. Read on to find out why...

Super James's Story

Super James’s Story

December 2022

James' best friend is his labrador, Goose!

Super Abigail's Story

Super Abigail’s Story

December 2019

Super Abigail was over the moon when she received her Supershoes a short time ago, which put a big smile on her face during a challenging time. The Supershoes featured her favourite animal: her dog Teddy...