Super Daisy's Story

Super Daisy's Story October 2022

An "ordinary" cyst turned out to be something far more serious for Super Daisy...

Super Daisy’s Journey

Super Daisy had a cyst removed, only to be told that it was, in fact, Rhabdomyosarcoma, a soft tissue cancer. This came as a huge shock to the family, and Daisy is now undergoing chemotherapy at The Royal Marsden Hospital. We wish you well, Daisy! Keep wearing your Supershoes with your lovely smile!

Super Daisy’s Diagnosis

Rhabdomyosarcoma is the most common form of soft tissue sarcoma in children. It affects around 60 children each year in the UK. Find out more about Rhabdomyosarcoma

The Supershoes

Rainbows, unicorns, daisies (of course!) and butterflies were on Super Daisy’s list of favourite things to be included on her Supershoes. Her mum says that since she’s received them, Daisy doesn’t want to take them off! We’re happy to hear this, Daisy! Daisy 3

Super Daisy with their Supershoes