Super Cobie's Story

Super Cobie's Story February 2021

A mum's intuition told Lauren that something was not quite right with Cobie's eye...

Super Cobie’s Journey

A diagnosis of cancer at just 13 weeks and 3 days old was the shocking news that Cobie’s parents had to deal with. Cobie’s mum, Lauren, says she had a feeling that all was not well with her new baby, when she saw that the pupil on his left eye looked transparent in certain lights. A flash photograph reflected the pupil back as white, which led to further investigation, and the diagnosis of bi-lateral retinoblastoma, that has led to Cobie’s current treatment. Cobie is halfway through his chemotherapy treatment, and he also has to have monthly examinations under general anaesthetic.

In spite of all this, Lauren says that Cobie just smiles through. She describes him as her Superhero, and we absolutely agree with her. Look at his little face: what a mini trooper he is! Sending you so much love, Cobie; stay strong and keep smiling, little man!

Super Cobie’s Diagnosis

Retinoblastoma is a rare form of eye cancer which approx 40 children in the UK receive a diagnosis with each year. Find out more about Retinoblastoma

The Supershoes

Cobie’s mum thought that Cobie would like a hedgehog, a blue heart and his name on his Supershoes, to make them special and unique for him.

Super Cobie with their Supershoes

Super Cobie’s Gallery