Super Sophie's Story

Super Sophie's Story October 2020

In love with my Supershoes! The artist did an amazing job painting my two favourite things, sunflowers and cats!

Super Sophie’s Journey

Sophie had been experiencing symptoms for some years but was only diagnosed around her 22nd birthday. The first surgery she had was for a temporary colostomy. She then had six rounds of chemotherapy and then further surgery to reverse her stoma, remove the tumour, part of her bowel and unfortunately her left ovary and womb.

Sophie says, “I’m finally in remission and feeling better than ever! Thanks again! (for the Supershoes)”

Sophie was delighted with Super Artist’s Elanor’s interpretation of her brief.

Super Sophie’s Diagnosis

Bowel cancer is the 4th most common cancer in the UK. Find out more about Bowel Cancer

The Supershoes

Super Sophie asked for bright and bold, with lots of green and yellow, and her favourite animal, a cat, to be included on her Supershoes.

Super Sophie with their Supershoes