Creating smiles with love, from Steph

Losing a loved one is devastating, as Trev knows only too well. When his beloved Steph tragically died from a brain tumour in 2021, he and the family wanted to honour her in a very special way, and so the charity With Love, Steph was founded.

With Love, Steph is a charity set up to be a force for good, and aimed specifically at helping children. Steph herself had always wanted to start a family of her own and absolutely loved children: a love that was always reciprocated by those who met her.

with love steph

In line with its aim to bring happiness to children, With Love, Steph has launched its next fundraiser: to raise enough to create 70 pairs of Supershoes! We were so thrilled when With Love, Steph got in touch to tell us about this effort, and we can’t wait to bring you more news about what they are planning to do, to raise money for us.

A massive thank you from us goes to Trev and the family for this awesome promise and our heartfelt love to you all for having the strength and determination to make something really lovely happen, bourne out of such a heartbreaking experience.

You can watch, as the pairs of Supershoes appear gradually on With Love, Steph’s sponsor page here.