Super Artist - Kelly

Super Artist — Kelly

I am a mum, a partner, run my own business and work full time in a school. I have always loved drawing and painting. It takes me to a happy place, no matter the mood I am in before I pick up a pencil. I have been watching Supershoes for a while, about a year, via friends that paint for Supershoes and keeping track of the page. I got poorly very recently, it was a scary and I didn't manage it well.
“As I was waiting for my meds one day in hospital and I decided then that I was going to ask to paint shoes for Supershoes. I was an adult, understanding most of what was happening and what was going on, and I thought about how terrifying it must be for a young person. I want to make every child smile and look forward to receiving their custom kicks.”

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Super William's Story

Super William’s Story

July 2020

There is no doubt that Super William is very deserving of his Supershoes! William has endured so much yet has only just turned 4 years old.