Super Artist - Emma

Super Artist — Emma

Emma is a cake maker by trade, and full time Mum to two small boys. She first discovered Supershoes after her youngest son was diagnosed with Leukaemia age 3.
“Supershoes is the perfect volunteer opportunity for me as it puts my creativity to good use! I just love that I can put a smile on a child's face when they are going through the worst time of their young lives.”

Emma’s Super Kids Stories

Super Flora's Story

Super Flora’s Story

April 2022

This little trooper had to undergo a 15-hour operation to remove most of a brain tumour. And her cancer journey has only just begun...

Super Riley's Story

Super Riley’s Story

January 2021

Super Riley has had a truly gruelling journey so far in his treatment for Wilms Tumour, but he keeps smiling through...

Super Annika's Story

Super Annika’s Story

February 2020

It’s been a really tough year as Annika was diagnosed with Anaplastic large cell lymphoma in March and has since had two relapses. She is super brave throughout and smiled so much when her new Supershoes arrived.

Super Finley's Story

Super Finley’s Story

March 2018

Five year old Super Finley is a big fan of both Ironman and Optimus Prime from Transformers. He also likes crocodiles! He was diagnosed with a brain tumour aged four...