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Sponsor — Ruth Kay

Ruth has direct experience of the joy a pair of Supershoes can bring. Ever since she got to know about Supershoes, she’s been a fearless fundraiser, and has undertaken events such as a party, a raffle and most impressively, a 264 mile bike ride! The photos that Ruth has sent us are too good to edit, so they’re all here for you to see! Ruth, you are amazing. Thank you so, so much for all you do for Supershoes. You’re a Super banana! (IYKYK)Ruth 3Ruth 4Ruth 5Ruth 6Ruth 7Ruth 8Ruth 11Ruth 12

Ruth Kay’s Sponsored Supershoes

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Super Lacie's Story

Super Lacie’s Story

December 2023

Lacie's family said their hearts were broken when she was diagnosed with ALL at just four years old...